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2018 @ Eclipse!



January 20,2018 1-4:00 p.m.
670 F Lakeview Plaza Blvd
Worthington OH 43085

Monologues are not required. Cold readings will be done from perusal scenes of each show.

Additional auditions may be held if roles cannot be cast.

Please furnish a printed or electronic headshot and bio and be prepared to furnish schedule conflicts.

Rehearsal will be from 7-9 p.m. Mon-Thursday unless otherwise noted. for additional information or to get a perusal of scenes for auditions.

Actors must be able to portray the suggested character age, not BE the suggested age.

Evelyn in Purgatory A comedy by Topher Payne  March 15-25

(Rehearsals Feb 5-Mar 14)

A complaint of improper behavior is filed against Evelyn Reid, a teacher in the NYC school system. She is sent to the Reassignment Center where she meets a group of teachers who have long since lost any hope of returning to a classroom. Over the course of the school year, an unlikely alliance is formed, reminding each other of forgotten passions, emerging to face life in unexpected new directions.

Candace, 20s, a mousy room monitor

Lila, 50s, high school art teacher. In charge.

Evelyn, 30s, polished, attractive high school teacher

Toby, 20s, socially awkward science teacher

Fred, 50s, gym teacher, deals with bullies, macho guy

Roberta, 60s, ready to retire, swears at her students….a lot

Atwood, (any age, male or female), administrator

Silver Lining  A comedy by Sandi Toksvig     May 10-20

(Rehearsals Mar 26- May 9)

One dark and stormy night in the upper day room of the Silver Retirement Home near London, five elderly women are trading stories of their remarkable (or sometimes unremarkable) lives. With the storm floods rising and no rescue team in sight, the ladies are faced with the sudden realization that to survive they are going to have to do what they have done for their entire lives …take matters into their own hands!

(English accents are required)

May, 79, failing body, sharp mind

June, 76, May’s younger sister, the cheery one

Gloria, 86. She is still fit but wears an emergency button round her neck

Saint Michael, 70-80s

Maureen, 71, among the frailest of the residents, afraid of the dark, wears headphones

Hope (Role is cast)

Looter, 19-25 young man

Outside Mullingar A comedy by John Patrick Shanley  Jun 28-Jul 8

(Rehearsals May 21- Jun 27)

Anthony and Rosemary are lovelorn farmers in rural Ireland who haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. These hopeless singletons will need to overcome a bitter land feud, familial rivalries and their own romantic fears to find happiness. Full of dark humor and poetic prose, this is a tenderhearted portrait that reminds us it’s never too late to take a chance on love.

(Irish accents are required)

Anthony Reilly, 40s, a dreamer

Rosemary Muldoon, 40s

Tony Reilly, (Role is Cast)

Aoife Muldoon, 70s, bad health, short of breath, walks with a cane


100 Saints You Should Know  A drama by Kate Fodor  Aug 16-26

(Rehearsals Jul 9-Aug 15)

Theresa is the single working mother of Abby, an out-of-control, rebellious teenager. Father Matthew is a young priest questioning his faith and place in the church. Garrett, the misfit teenage son of the local grocer, secretly hopes that Father Matthew can offer him guidance and understanding. Then Abby meets Garrett, and everything falls apart.

Father Matthew, 30s, priest, on sabbatical, questioning his faith

Theresa, 30s, single mother, questioning her faith

Abby, 16, out-of-control teenager, questioning her mother

Garrett, 16, nerdy son of the local grocer, questioning everything.

Colleen, 60s. Matthew’s overbearing mother, questioning nothing


Wonder of the World  A comedy by David Lindsay-Abaire   Oct 11-21

(Rehearsals Aug 27-Oct 10)

When marital relationships become too much to bear, there’s only one thing to do, “Hit the road!”  Well actually, you could opt for suicide by going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Take your pick. After all, hard times call for drastic measures.  Full-frontal lunacy is on display, but in the process darker themes are touched upon and venerable institutions lambasted.

Cass, 30s, anxious to start a new life

Kip, 30s, Cass’s husband

Lois, 40s, a little older than Cass, an alcoholic with a barrel

Karla, 60s, a woman in her 60s, a dabbler

Glen, 60s, Karla’s husband, also a dabbler

Captain Mike, 30s, captain of the Maid of the Mist

Barbara, Pilot, 2 Waitresses and Janie, all played by one actress

The Four Invisibles, male or female, any age…they make the magic happen!

Switzerland  A comic thriller by Joanna MurraySmith  Nov 23-Dec 2

(Rehearsals Oct 22-Nov 21)

In 1955, noted author Patricia Highsmith wrote the last of her suspense novels, a psychological thriller entitled The Talented Mr. Ripley. Was it really the last? Meet Edward Ridgeway, who appears on her doorstep at the urging of her publisher to pry one last book from Highsmith’s creative mind. But…at what cost?

Patricia Highsmith, (Role is cast)

Edward Ridgeway, 20-30s, attractive, works as an underling at a major publishing house





Call, Text or Email to reserve your ticket(s).

Tickets may be reserved by calling or texting 614-881-0382 or by email You can pay for your ticket(s) at the door with cash or most major credit cards. Individual tickets are $18.00. In 2018 we will offer the purchase of six tickets for $90, a savings of $18.00. Showtimes are 7:30p.m Thursday through Saturday and 2:00p.m. on Sundays. Opening nights are designated Thankful Thursdays and you can “Pay-What-You-Can or With-A-Can”. All non-perishable food items will be donated to The Worthington Resource Pantry. The First Friday  of each production, we will host a Wine and Cheese Reception after the show. You are invited to stay, learn more about Eclipse and meet the cast!

Calling all Volunteers!

If you have an interest in live theatre and want to be a part or play a part, join us at Eclipse! There is a lot more to do that just what you see on stage. Lighting designers and operators, costumers, stage managers, assistance building sets, ushering, box office duties…the list goes on. And if you have ideas….more the better! Drop me an “E” at and let’s talk!