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Outside Mullingar

Anthony and Rosemary are lovelorn farmers in rural Ireland who haven’t got a clue. These hopeless singletons must overcome a bitter land feud, familial rivalries, and their own romantic fears to find happiness. Full of dark humor and poetic prose, this is a tenderhearted portrait that reminds us that it’s never too late to take a chance on love.

Featuring Jim McCullough, Judy Parker, Colleen Cunningham and Bradley Davis Barbin, under the direction of Kathy Sturm.

100 Saints You Should Know

Theresa is the single working mother of Abby, an out-of-control, rebellious teenager. Father Matthew is a young priest questioning his faith while his mother Colleen has no doubts. Garrett, the misfit teenage son of the local grocer, secretly hopes that Father Matthew can offer him guidance and understanding. Then Abby meets Garrett, and EVERYTHING falls apart.

Featuring Christy Heckel, Amelia Starcher, Ryan Heitkamp, Phyllis Heffner and Astrid Murray under the direction of Katie Palcsak.

Wonder of the World

When marital relationships become too much to bear, there’s only one thing to do…“Hit the road!”  Well actually, you could opt for suicide by going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Take your pick. After all, hard times call for drastic measures.  Full-frontal lunacy is on display, but in the process darker themes are touched upon and venerable institutions lambasted.

Featuring Katie Palcsak, Molley Collins, Rachel Belenker, Tony Ludovicio, Scott Raymond Clay, Nikki Tremher and Meloney Buehl.



In 1955, noted author Patricia Highsmith wrote the last of her suspense novels, a psychological thriller entitled The Talented Mr. Ripley. Was it really the last? Meet Edward Ridgeway, who appears on her doorstep at the urging of her publisher to pry one last book from Highsmith’s creative mind. But…at what cost?

Featuring Kathy Sturm and Connor McClellan under the direction of Jim McCullough.

Call, Text or Email to reserve your ticket(s).

Tickets may be reserved by calling or texting 614-881-0382 or by email You can pay for your ticket(s) at the door with cash or most major credit cards. Individual tickets are $18.00. In 2018 we will offer the purchase of six tickets for $90, a savings of $18.00. Showtimes are 7:30p.m Thursday through Saturday and 2:00p.m. on Sundays. Opening nights are designated Thankful Thursdays and you can “Pay-What-You-Can or With-A-Can”. All non-perishable food items will be donated to The Worthington Resource Pantry. The First Friday  of each production, we will host a Wine and Cheese Reception after the show. You are invited to stay, learn more about Eclipse and meet the cast!

Calling all Volunteers!

If you have an interest in live theatre and want to be a part or play a part, join us at Eclipse! There is a lot more to do that just what you see on stage. Lighting designers and operators, costumers, stage managers, assistance building sets, ushering, box office duties…the list goes on. And if you have ideas….more the better! Drop me an “E” at and let’s talk!